Most franchise owners draw on transferable skills from previous careers to support their new role as entrepreneur. Having served in the U.S. Armed Forces, there are many similarities between franchising and serving in the military, and the transition to owning a business through franchising is often easier because of it. As you research the best franchises for veterans, be mindful of the skills you already bring to the table.

Within the home services industry, among the top franchise opportunities for veterans is Lightspeed Restoration. We are a new franchise, having launched in 2023, but we come with two significant factors: We’re part of an $80 billion market in the U.S., and we have the backing of Home Franchise Concepts, our $18 billion parent company.

As we recruit franchise owners to join our brand, we are very interested in recruiting veterans because the skillset and personality factors align so well with what we do.

Let’s take a look at why the home services sector is such a match for a veteran franchise opportunity.

Why Veterans Transfer Easily to Franchising

VA News talked about key reasons that veterans should consider a franchise as a business opportunity when looking to become their own boss. Very briefly, these reasons included:

  1. Franchising allows you to stay connected to a larger organization while focusing on your individual operation, much like your role in the military was very specific and yet strategic in the overall armed forces operation.
  2. You already have the training on the value of following procedures and processes. Franchising is all about following the franchise operations manual in order to secure the best outcome.
  3. Just as you were trained for your role in the military, franchisors also train you to operate a franchise. No experience is required because the training itinerary will cover all facets of operating and running the business.
  4. You have a support network at both the head office and with fellow franchisees to help you succeed, working much like a unit would in the military. It is a continuation of the value of strength in numbers.

You can often secure a discount on the franchisee fee as a veteran, as well as being able to access veteran-focused funding resources to purchase your franchise.

There are many different types of military franchise opportunities, and the home services industry is certainly one to consider.

About the Home Services Industry

Franchises in the home services industry are all about creating the environments in the home that people need and want, which provides an opportunity to locate the best franchises for veterans. Whether you’re staining concrete or restoring a flooded basement, the underlining characteristic in this sector is service, and that’s why it fits so well with veterans as a post-military working life opportunity.

Lightspeed Restoration franchises specialize in offering 24/7 restoration and remediation services to insurance companies and commercial and residential customers who have suffered a water, fire, or other casualty. We are one of the best franchises for veterans because of the need to react quickly while providing a high level of service in what can be a challenging situation.

An Overview of Veterans in Franchising

According to the Census Bureau’s annual business survey, veteran-owned businesses had an estimated $922.2 billion in receipts, 3.3 million employees, and $179.9 billion in annual payroll. The U.S. Small Business Association notes that veterans are drawn to hands-on businesses such as maintenance, repair, installation, production, and so on.

While veteran business owners are predominantly male (94.9%), as more women join the military, the opportunity for veteran-owned businesses led by women also increases. Within the home services industry, there are opportunities for male and female veterans, and their spouses, to thrive in a post-military career.

Explore Lightspeed Restoration

Lightspeed Restoration provides veterans (currently serving or honorably discharged with the U.S. Armed Forces) and their spouses with a 15% discount on the initial franchise fee. If you’re a current or soon-to-be veteran or a veteran’s spouse, you have a unique skill set that works well in the home services industry. We invite you to request franchise information to learn more about the benefits we can offer you as a franchise owner.

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